• Q.I frequently wax my abdomen and back, but this time I have developed bad rash & it is itching. The marks are also getting worse day by day. I am worried. Please help.

    You must avoid waxing, as your hair follicles are prone to bacterial infection and redness due to hair pull. Take a course of antibiotics and an anti allergic tablet for three days.
    Once the redness settles, you can apply skin lightening creams containing glycolic acid or kojic acid to get rid of marks. You could try permanent hair reduction with lasers which should solve your problem permanently. You might require 6-10 sittings, depending on the density & thickness of your hair.

  • Q. I have a light complexion but my skin is very sensitive. Even if I am in the sun for 10 minutes, my cheeks turn red and it starts burning. How can these be reduced?

    You seem to be having a skin condition called Rosacea.
    Every time, you are exposed to sun, try applying a sun block which gives both UVB & UVA protection.
    Use a sunscreen that has a lable which reads SPF 30 or more and PA +++.
    SPF measures UVB protection, while PA measures UVA protection.
    Take supplements which has antioxidants and vitamin E, which helps to decrease free radicals in one body.
    Avoid spices, caffeine drinks, smoking and alcohol.

  • Q. My 10 year old daughter's hair always emits a bad odour & is sticky. What to do?

    Your daughter probably has more sweat glands on her scalp and also she must be going through hormonal changes in her body. Wash her scalp with an anti dandruff shampoo containing two percent ketoconazole and ZPTO, at least twice a week. This will reduce the fungus and prevent the smell.
    Also, let the hair dry completely after wash.

  • Q. I have tiny dark spots on my cheecks.I have tried OTS fairness creams and sunscreens but in vain.The number of spots have increased and so have their size.Please help.

    You seem to have freckles.Every time you step outdoors,make sure to use a sunscreen.your diet should be rich in brightly-coloured fruits and vegetables,as these are rich in antitioxidants. Take vitamin C supplements as well.You could consult a dermatologist and get laser done provided you dont't have sensitive skin.

  • Q. Constant wearing of glasses has left marks on the bridge of my nose and under my eyes.They look terrible.How can I get rid of these marks?

    Constant friction due to your spectacles has resulted in localised pigmentation of the skin. Apply a sunscreen during the day.Keep the skin hydrated with a moisturiser.Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the area. At bedtime,use a cream containing vitamin C, along with any botanical skin-lightning agents such as kojic acid,arbutin,licorice or pycnogenol, you could go for a spot tretinoin peel or treatment with Q-swithed Nd:Yag laser.

  • Q. My underarms are quite dark. I dont't shave or use hair removal cream; I only wax. Ts there a way to get my original skin tone back?

    Dark underarms can develop as a result of friction due to shaving or waxing, allergic reaction to hair removal creams, Perfumes or even deodorants. Sometimes, a fungal infection can also cause dark underarms. Apply a mixture of sugar, honey and coffee poweder to your underarms to reduce the darkening. You can also try using a vitamin C cream mixed with skin lighteners such as arbutin or licorice. Salicylic acid peels also help clear the pigment and give you lighter skin. Avoid using perfumes and deodorants. Use an antifungal powder after bath to avoid infections.

  • Q. My toenails have a yellowish tinge to them.I do apply nail paint regularly, but also leave my nails bare for days in-between so that they can breathe.Please advise....

    You have probably developed a fungal infection on your nails.Apply a nail lacquer containing amorolfine, which is an anti-fungal and ask a doctor if you need to take anti-fungal tablets-these usually need to be taken for three to six months.Avoid excess use of acetone and exposure to water and detergents as it can damage the nail plate and nail beds. use only branded nail polish removers, ad don't use any remover more than once a week. Always keep your nails trimmed and clean, and avoid gel and acrylic nails for the next six months.

  • Q. I spend most of my time indoors with the AC on.Despite this my face looks tired and fatigued by 4pm.My pores become more visible and my skin looks darker. How do I keep myself looking fresh myself looking fresh all day?

    Spending a lot of time in the air conditioning will dehydrate your skin , making it look dull and dry. Air conditioners deplete the water content or humidity and strip moisture from the skin. Keep a thermal water mist handy and spritz it intermittently to hydrate. Use a cream or vitamin C serum at bedtime for radiant skin. Increase your intake of omega 3 fatty acid. almonds and flaxseeds to keep your skin supple.

  • Q. Before stepping out, Ialways apply sunscreen of SPF 50, and reapply often. However , I have tanned terribly. How tan and I get rid of my tan and prevent it in the future?

    UVA and UVB rays from the sun are harsh on the skin. To prevent tanning, use a sunscreen all the time, even on cloudy days as UVA rays can easily penetrate through clouds. You must reapply sunscreen every two to three hours if you are outdoors. You could also use scarves , hats and umbrellas for overall sun protection. Do not forget sunglasses to give the delicate skin around the eyes extra protection. Take vitamin C and E supplements to prevent tanning. Make a puree of cucumber and papaya, add yoghurt to it and use it as a face mask for 15 minutes twice a week to de-tan.

  • Q. I have smooth and clear skin in general, but under my eyes and around my nose, I have tiny bumps that become prominent by the end of the day. How do I get rid of them?

    This is a common condition called sebaceous hyperplasia. The swelling of oil glands makes the bumps visible. You can terat this by using asalicylic acid-based face wash and retinol cream on alternate nights. You could also opt for fractinal radiofrequency treatments to get rid of these bumps permanently. This procedure is safe and your skin heals in three to four days.

  • Q. I have heard of the vampire facelift from my friend in New York. I am 35 years old. Am I eligible for it?

    Yes , you may do a PRP(platelet rich plasma) or the vampire facelift.it is thus named becouse one's own blood is drawn out and , after separation into different constituents, plasma rich in platelets and growth factors is re-injected into your skin. This stimulates skin regeneration . As a result , your skin regains vitality and becomes brighter , smoother and firmer. PRP is repeated at an interval of four weeks, over three sessions. it can be done at any age after 25 , since it does not involve any external injections and is extremely safe.

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