Dark Skin
  Patchy Skin
  Dark Underarms
  Patchy Dark Back/Arms

  Patchy Dark Feet and Legs
  Dark inner Thighs
  Dark Bikini Area
  Dark Circles around Eyes
  Dark Lips

Our skin naturally contains the pigment Melanin. Sometimes, due to prolonged sun exposure, hormonal factors, nutritional deficiencies or medications, the skin can produce abnormal quantities of melanin leading to hyperpigmentation. It is definitely possible to reduce the pigmentation to a great extent.

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  Skin lightening with IPL technology
  Q switched Nd : YAG Laser for Tattoos,
  Pigmented Naevi, Freckles, Lentigines
  Electrocautery for Freckles, Lentigines
  Fillers to hydrate Skin around Eyes

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